Specialist Pet Grooming Packages


Menu of Services :
  • Small Pooch (7 - 10kg) $55.00
  • Medium Pooch (10 -17kg) $65.00
  • Large Pooch (17kg – 25kg) $75.00
  • Giant Pooch (25kg – 35kg) $85.00
  • Small Horse (35kg – up ) $95.00
NB – Additional charges may occur when a dog has excessive dirt, double coat, matted OR fleas.


Full service bath includes:

  • Spa bath.
  • Brush – de matt or de shed.
  • Blow dry OR hand dry (depending on the dog’s preference).
  • Tidy up. (Trim feet, faace and bottom only)
  • Sheen polish to moisturise the coat.
  • Cologne spray to finish.
Please note that this does not include a full clip.
A la Carte Menu
  • Nail trim, grind & buff – Shea butter paw balm to massage into the pads $20.00
  • Teeth & gum and brushing polish & freshen breath with peppermint gel. $35.00
  • Ear cleaning & hair removal. $45.00
  • Nail Painting. $55.00
  • Back, neck and paw massage using aromatherapy products for 15 minutes. $55.00
  • Fur coloring – red, pink, chocolate from $65.00
  • Full Brazilian – Pooches with hairy bottoms. from $55.00
  • Tidy up – brush, scissor and neaten face, paws, bottom and belly.$45.00
  • Dog Walking - 15 minute walk with our trained and responsible staff. $25.00
  • Day care (9am – 5pm Tuesday to Friday or by appointment) Full Day $50.00; Half Day $25;Casual $13 ph
  • Pick and delivery service – price negotiable

Dog Grooming


Dog Grooming 2 Hour Sessions include:


  • Professional tailored clip (same length all over)
  • Scissored face and feet
  • Luke warm bubble bath
  • Trim nails and clean ears
  • Finishing cologne spray

Airdale Terrier From $75

Bichon Frise From $85

Border Collie From $75

Bull Dog From $55

Cairn Terrier From $65

Cavoodle From $65

Cavalier King Charles From $65

Cocker Spaniel From $75

Dachshund From $55

Golden Retriever From $85

Groodle From $85

German Shephard From $95

Labrador From $75

Lakeland Terrier From $75

Maltese From $65

Poodle Toy From $65

Poodle Minature From $75

Poodle Standard From $95

Samoyed From $95

Scottish Terrier From $85

Shih-tzu From $65

Spoodle From $75

West Highland Terrier From $75


PLEASE NOTE: All above prices depend on the condition of your dog's coat, skin, fleas etc. Upon arrival, your dog will be examined by our expert staff and you will then be informed of a more exact cost and time of completion.


HAPPY pooches who like the minimal touch $65.00

  • Hydrobath using herbal shampoo and oatmeal conditioning treatments
  • Tailored professional clip
  • Brush
  • Blow dry or hand dry (depending on your dog’s preference)
  • Aromatic spray
SEA KELP for the beach pooch. $75.00
  • Hydrobath using Sea Kelp shampoo and nourishing Sea Kelp conditioner
  • Tailored professional clip
  • Blow dry or hand dry
  • Brush – de matt or de shed
  • Nail trim, grind and buff – massage shea butter into pads to cleanse and nourish.
  • Sea mist calming spray
  • Ocean blue cologne

for a pooch who loves the ‘fruitti-ness’ of life $85.00
  • Hydrobath using Wild Organic Strawberry shampoo and conditioner
  • Tailored professional clip
  • Blow dry or hand dry
  • Nail trim, grind and buff – massage Mandarin Butter into pads to moisturise and nourish Teeth and gum clean with Peppermint mouth freshener
  • Aloe ear cleaner and hair removal
  • Pineapple mist calming spray
  • Raspberry cologne
GREENIE – for a pooch who takes an interest in the environment $65.00
  • Hydrobath using Organic Herbal cleansing shampoo and conditioner to nourish and hydrate the skin
  • Tailored professional clip
  • Blow dry or hand dry
  • Organic paw balm and massage
  • Leave-in freshening spray
  • Aromatic organic calming spray
PEARL WHITE – for a pooch with a touch of class $95.00
  • Hydrobath using brightening White Organic shampoo and Ruddocks ‘Snow White’ leave- in conditioning treatment to brighten and whiten.
  • Tailored professional clip
  • Blow dry or hand dry
  • Nail trim, grind and buff – Shea butter paw balm
  • Spray on and leave in ‘Sheen on Shine’ – this will make your dog’s coat soft and silky Shining calming spray
  • Baby Powder cologne
POLISH – for the stinky, dirty ‘on the nose’ dog $95.00
  • Polish your pooch with a deep cleansing spa bath. Firstly we shampoo with a clarifying Oatmeal to rid your dog’s coat of dirt build up; this organic moisturizing shampoo contains yogurt and honey to brighten, refresh and uplift a dull coat.
  • We finish with a Strawberry deep cleansing conditioning treatment to add texture to the coat and then spray on a calming after bath spray and shimmer mist.
  • Tailored professional clip
  • Brush
  • Blow dry or hand dry
  • Mouth and teeth clean with a peppermint breath freshener
  • Nail trim, grind and buff – Shea butter paw balm
  • Aromatic cologne
STRAIGHTEN OUT – for the knotty, matted and tangled pooch $115.00
  • This package is ideal for a pooch that has a messy and tangled hair-do! Firstly, we gently brush out knots, strip the under coat with our specialty brushes and combs, then gently cleanse and hydrate the coat with a moisture rich shampoo to protect from sun damage. This is followed by a feather-weight leave-in conditioning spray made from herbal extracts to strengthen, smooth and shine.
  • Tailored professional clip
  • Brush
  • Blow dry or hand dry
  • Oatmeal freshening spray
  • Aromatic cologne
CALMING – for a pooch with irritated, itchy red and inflamed skin $115.00
  • Calm your pooch’s dry, irritated and inflamed skin with a gentle anti-itch bath of creamy Oatmeal shampoo using botanic extracts of Peppermint, Chamomile and Henna. A Malaseeb medicated shampoo wash follows to assist in soothing and nourishing your dog’s skin especially targeting “hop spots” and itchy bites. We then apply a soothing balm, insect repellant, sunscreen and an anti-itch cream which all work together to protect their delicate skin. Next is the Shea butter applied to the paw pads and nose to soothe and moisten.
  • Tailored professional clip
  • Brush
  • Blow dry or hand dry
  • Nail trim, grind and buff
  • Leave in protective spray which will cool and nourish the skin
  • Sensitive aromatic spray
SHINE – for a pooch to shimmer, sparkle and glow $95.00
  • Shine and make over your sassy pooch with an ‘ultra shine’ all natural shampoo packed with conditioning Vitamins that penetrate the coat and deliver nutrients at the base of the follicle. A blend of amino acids repairs a dull coat and the result is a healthier, shinier and more lustrous coat. To finish, we moisturise and texturise with natural silk proteins in a finishing spray containing all natural Mica for a delicate sparkle and shine that will also help repel dirt and prevent odour.
  • Tailored professional clip
  • Brush
  • Blow dry or hand dry
  • Nail trim, grind and buff with Shea Butter pad balm
  • Bio –Groom ‘Super Shine’ leave in sheen
  • Summer fresh Cologne