A number of plants are poisonous to pets. These can cause serious illness and even death in some cases. It’s therefore important to check the safety of any plants before giving your pets access to them.

The more cocoa in the chocolate, the more toxic. Cooking chocolate is 7 times more toxic than milk chocolate.
Symptoms include excitable, fast heart rate, vomiting, seizure

Onion and garlic
Due to damage to the red blood cells, symptoms include pale gums, rapid heartbeat, red urine, weakness.

Macadamia nuts
Symptoms can begin within 24 hours include depression, vomiting, pale gums, inability to stand up.

Grapes, raisins, sultanas
Depression, disinterest in food, increased urination or drinking

Yeast dough
Ethanol – heat causes dough to expand in the stomach. Symptoms includes abdominal pain, difficulty inn walking, depression.

Chewing gum
Symptoms seen within 30 minutes include vomiting, difficulty standing or walking, seizure.

Extremely toxic especially to cats. Disinterest in food, no urination, vomiting

Wild Mushrooms
Symptoms includes vomiting, abdominal pain, increased tear production, drooling, nausea, poor coordination.

Cats are more sensitive to this medication. Symptoms in dogs include blue coloured gums, breathing difficulty, swelling of face.

Cause excitation, twitching, depression, fast heart rate, shallow breathing.

Usually symptoms occur after 4-6 hours and include depression, vomiting, disinterest in food, rapid breathing, weakness.

Flea products
Contain numerous toxins and can result in increased tear production, drooling, poor coordination, mental alteration, breathing difficulty.

Snail pellets
Cause depression, drooling, poor coordination, vomiting with or without blood, passing black stools, rapid heart rate, muscle tremors.

Quite toxic and symptoms if digested are pale gums, vomiting, rapid breathing, weakness, red coloured urine, seizures.

Rat Poison
Serious toxins present and symptoms include lack of interest in food, black tarry stool, bloody nose, vomiting blood, bleeding from gums, breathing difficulty

Anti freeze
Causes depression, vomiting, poor coordination, seizures.

Please seek immediate medical attention for all these highly toxic items.