About us


Our exclusive pet salon, La Petterie offers creative and specialist dog grooming to suit all of the popular breeds. We take the time to groom your family friend in in our pet salon with a gentle and caring approach and if necessary, modify any part of the service to suit all temperaments. We specialise in the first puppy grooms and make sure your new family member has a special few hours with extra care and plenty of healthy treats! 

In our grooming salon, our wash services use of the best shampoos and conditioners, skin treatments, flea baths, coat enhancers, aromatherapy products, specialist combs and brushes to detangle the most matted of coats, the results are second to none.

Our highly trained and experienced dog grooming staff will take the time to provide the best possible result. We have a loyalty programe and after the 9th visit, we can offer your pooch a FREE dog wash and tidy up.

In our pet store, we keep detailed records of the treatments, clip and temperament of your pet so that every subsequent visit is easy for you and us. We keep records of worming treatment, nail maintenance, ear cleaning/plucking. Just leave it all to us!